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Women's Herstory Month
Mar. 17-31

Spring Break
Mar. 21-24

Good Friday
Mar. 25

Easter Sunday
Mar. 27

President for a Day Apps Due
Mar. 29
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Ole Music Fest
Apr. 1

Relay for Life
Apr. 8-9

Apr. 18-22

Undergraduate Research Creative Collaborations
Apr. 4, 12-2:15pm
Hahn UC/SLP Exhibit Spaces

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Employee Appreciation Game- Baseball vs. Santa Clara
Apr. 16, 6pm
Fowler Park

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March of the Toreros and Diversity Week

On March 1, Pamela Sikes, FNP, Director of the University of San Diego Student Health Center issued an important email about a confirmed mumps case on campus. The patient, a fully immunized nonresidential undergraduate student has recovered fully and is now back on campus.

In light of additional confirmed or suspected cases, the County of San Diego Health and Human Services Agency has issued an important message to University of San Diego students. Please read the letter from Dr. Eric McDonald, Medical Director, Epidemiology & Immunizations Services Branch, Public Health Services here. Dr. McDonald recommends that all undergraduate students and residential staff receive an additional dose of MMR (measles, mumps, and rubella) vaccine regardless of prior MMR vaccination history. Graduate students, faculty and staff are at lower risk due to more limited close contact exposure and an additional dose of MMR vaccine is currently not recommended for these groups, although any member of the USD community may receive it.

Free mumps/MMR booster shots will be available this week.

March 17
Hahn UC Forum C

March of the Toreros and Diversity Week

Many thanks to all of those who participated in Diversity Week events last week and a special shout out to all of those who made the week such a success!

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Relay for Life

The USD Student Lead Relay for Life Team will be hosting the 8th annual Relay for Life event from 4:00pm Friday, April 8th until 10:00am Saturday, April 9th. This highly popular student, staff, and community event has raised over $250,000 in the seven-year history of this event on our campus.

More importantly, the common bond of facing the hardships and challenges of cancer together has strengthened our USD community in its awareness of cancer prevention and in supporting one another through effects this disease has had on each one of the over 35,000 participants who have attended over the years.

Make a donation, join one of the many teams (Irene Bubnack’s team IMO/"In Memory Of" or Neena Din’s team "USD Lifesavers") or make a team of your own here.

You, your family and friends are warmly invited to share with us the an evening full of hilarity, games, music, food, friendship, inspiration, tears, energy, fun, laughter as well as moments of silence that take your breath away and echo in your heart.

Second Year Graduate Student Spotlight

Each week, we will be highlighting a different second year graduate assistant in an effort to help them network in the departmental and geographical areas they will be seeking a job in. Let’s help our outgoing graduate students make connections.

Jeffrey Cirillo, Graduate Assistant – Office of Sustainability (Education and Outreach)

Functional Areas of Interest: I am looking to work with students on leadership and identity development through outdoor group activities and experiences, ie. Sustainability, Outdoor Adventures/Education, and Recreation/Intramurals. 

Location Preferences: My search is limited to the Northeast, Northwest (plus San Diego!), and Colorado.

Experience: My higher education experience is in Sustainability, Conference and Events, International Immersion Trips, and Leadership Programming.  My outdoor and athletic experience derives from coaching college level Ultimate Frisbee, and middle school baseball, basketball, volleyball, and soccer.

Professional Role Model: My professional role model is my mom.  She works at a women's college in Massachusetts teaching undergraduate leadership courses as well as doing work in the Career Development office.  She has had a powerful impact on my change of career path from physical therapy (undergrad) to higher education, and I am so thankful for her.  She inspires me with her students' stories and her honest love for going to work every day.   

Other Information:  My current action research work takes a deeper look at how relationships play a role in the first-year Sustainability LLC student experience at USD, as well as evaluating how sustainability intersects theses students' development process. An incredible amount of my personal growth emerged from participation in out-of-classroom experiences throughout my undergraduate years. I would love to have an opportunity to provide the space for other students to have similar experiences.

Shout Outs

Shout out to Jen Lee, Mandy Womack, Josh Coyne, Katelin Rae, Manda Sayegh, Jill D'Errico, and Kathleen Custodio for helping set up the volunteer schedule, wrangling and training volunteers! -Cynthia Avery

Shout out to Pat Marino, Margaret Leary, Sean Horrigan, and Tierney Trujillo-Harrison for presenting at ACPA – way to represent USD Student Affairs! -Cynthia Avery

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