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upcoming events

Finals Week
May 12-18

Graduate Commencement Ceremonies
May 21, 10-12pm
Jenny Craig Pavilion

Undergraduate Commencement Ceremonies
May 22, 9am and 2pm
Jenny Craig Pavilion

Memorial Day Holiday
May 30
Cmpaus Closed

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Annual Community Picnic
May 25, 1-4pm
Torero Stadium

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End of the Year Purchasing Deadlines

We are now in the final quarter of our 15/16 fiscal year. In preparation for the closure of our June 30, 2016 fiscal year-end, please note the following:

• Goods and services that relate to the 15/16 fiscal year must be received prior to June 30, 2016, and be followed by an invoice dated no later than June 30, 2016. Note that most suppliers need approximately two to six weeks to process and ship merchandise. Items ordered but not received prior to the June 30 deadline will be charged to your 16/17 budget. The Controller's Office encourages you to plan ahead and submit purchase requisitions intended to be charged to the 15/16 budget year by May 15, 2016.

• Furniture has a much longer waiting period between order submission and delivery, which can take up to eight weeks or longer. As such, Controller's Office encourages you to submit purchase requisitions before May 1, 2016.

• All transactions appearing on your June 2016 US Bank MasterCard Purchasing Card statement will be charged to your 15/16 budget regardless of delivery date. All transactions appearing on your July 2016 statement will be charged to 16/17.

• All transactions appearing on your June 2016 US Bank Visa T&E Card statement should be charged to your 15/16 budget regardless of delivery date. These transactions will be incurred in fiscal year 15/16, so they should be charged to your 15/16 budget. All transactions appearing on your July 2016 statement should be charged to 16/17. These transactions will be incurred in fiscal year 16/17, so they should be charged to your 16/17 budget.

• The Controller's Office must receive all 15/16 invoices, expense reports (including those related to your T&E card), and payment requests by July 12, 2016, to ensure they are processed within the 15/16 budget year. We appreciate your early planning for year-end purchases in order to adhere to this deadline.

• Summer programs are accounted for at the beginning of each fiscal year. All tuition, fees, conference revenues and related expenses, including financial aid, for the 2016 summer programs will be accounted for in the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2016. The Controller’s Office will make the appropriate entries to defer the revenues and expenses for qualified summer programs. Please make the appropriate notations on the source documents to ensure your transactions are accounted for in the correct fiscal year.

If you have any questions, please contact the Controller’s Office at extension 2302 or via email at

Finals Week Study Spaces

Finals Week is here! Please share this graphic with students who are looking for Finals Week study spaces! Click on the image to enlarge.

Congratulations USD Catering

USD Catering has won the Gold award in the "Catering Special Event" category for the national Loyal E. Horton Dining Awards from NACUFS (National Association of College & University Food Services). This award is for our entry submitted for the 11/15 Founders Gala event. Congratulations, USD Catering!

USD Community Picnic and Torero Cup Recruitment

If you have not participated in the 50/50 Community Picnic Raffle for this year, tickets are still available for purchase in Hahn UC 232! The deadline to participate is May 24!

Also, In Loco Parentis is still recruiting for the annual Torero Cup competition! We are currently the reigning champions and holders of the prestigious Torero Cup, after a devastating upset over Lyon's Den last year. We hope to continue this winning streak and earn our third victory this year! If you are interested in participating, please contact our team captains Mariann Sanchez and John Godfrey ( All skill levels are welcome! Practice times are listed below:

-Tuesday, May 17 at 4:30pm
-Thursday May 19 at 4:30pm
-Tuesday, May 24 at 4:30pm

Click here to view the inspiration video

Gary Becker Retirement Celebration

Thank you to everyone who came out to Gary Becker's retirement celebration yesterday! It was a wonderful celebration of Gary's time and impact here at USD! If you would like to see photos from the event, click here.

Student Affairs End of the Year Slide Show
We are beginning to put together the end of the year photo slide show! Please send any photos that you would like to add to the annual end of the year slide show to Kenny Eng ( by May 13!
Shout Outs

Shout out to President Harris for being the keynote speaker at the 11th Annual UFMC Diversity Banquet. -Marina Mantos

Shout out to Adan Sanchez, Dr. Ngilla, Alejandro Cervantes, Joe Pham and Mariha Akbar for serving on the C.L.A.S.S. Awards selection committee. -Marina Mantos

Shout out to Erin Lovette-Colyer, Dr. Evelyn Kirkley, Dr. Maria Pilar Aquino, Dr. Greg Prieto and Dr. Judith Liu for presenting our C.L.A.S.S. Awards at the Diversity Banquet. Thank you for taking your time to recognize and surprise our award winners! -Marina Mantos

Shout out to the UFMC staff for all of their hard work on creating a phenomenal Diversity Banquet this year. You all are rock stars! -Marina Mantos

Shout out to Mayte Perez-Franco for all her support in the planning and execution of the Diversity Banquet! -Marina Mantos

Shout out to Manda Sayegh, Maren Reisch, Madeline Kreig, and Adan Sanchez for their amazing work planning and executing a successful Student Organization Conference! -Jen Lee

Shout out to Madeline Kreig, Adan Sanchez, Mandy Womack, Margaret Leary, Josh Coyne, Katelin Rae, Jen Lee, Victoria Valdes, Monica Schnapp, Kenny Eng, Cory Immele, Maren Reisch, Ashley Barton, Conor McLaughlin, Annie Guanciale, and Teresa Ta for your collaboration in the 2016 Spring Student Organization Conference. The conference was a huge success thanks to all of your participation! -Manda Sayegh

Want to recognize a colleague for their great work or general awesomeness? Submit a Shout Out for the next Student Affairs Newsletter to Kenny Eng at

Please send any news or events for the upcoming week to Kenny Eng by Wednesdays at 12pm.

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