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upcoming events

Changemaker Fest Block Party
Sept. 29, 12:15pm
Torero Way

Women PeaceMakers Panel
Oct. 7, 7pm
Kroc IPJ Theatre

Apple Fest
Oct. 13, 11:30am
Plaza Mayor

Homecoming and Family Weekend
Oct. 16-18

Fall Holiday
Oct. 23

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HR Open House
Oct. 1, 1pm-3pm
MH 101

USD Football vs. Marist Tailgate
Oct. 3, 11:15am
Pick up meal vouchers in MH 101

Health and Retirement Fair
Oct. 13, 12:30-2pm
Hahn UC Forums

Oct. 14, 12pm
Salomon Hall

Nov. 18, 12
Salomon Hall

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Presidential Inauguration

Please save the dates for President Harris' Inauguration Week, Nov. 30-Dec. 5. Please find the official flyer for your reference. We would especially like to highlight the Friday, December 4th Installation Ceremony!

For more information, visit President Harris' Inauguration website.

Campus Clarity Training

Earlier this week, students received an email regarding an online educational training associated with the Federal Campus Sexual Violence Elimination SaVE Act. To help create a safe environment, students must complete an online course with Campus Clarity by November 1, 2015.

We believe students will enjoy this training. It is an innovative, engaging, and informative online course, created with students for students. In the course, students will examine the interconnected issues of sexual relationships, sexual violence, and healthy relationships through a variety of interactive, realistic scenarios, and guided self-reflection. The course promotes a healthier and safer campus environment for everyone.

If you have any questions regarding this training, please contact USD's Title IX coordinator, Nicki Schuessler.

Student Success Workshops Becomes You Succeed @ USD Online Video Series

The Student Success Workshops program that has offered workshops for first-year students during the fall semester on topics such as time management, study strategies, exam prep, and balancing multiple demands, has transitioned to become an online video series called "You Succeed @ USD".

The You Succeed @ USD video series is designed specifically to help students reach their academic potential. Each brief video consists of tips and recommendations from highly successful USD students who have excelled inside and outside the classroom. In addition to the videos, most topics will contain links to additional resources and critical reflection prompts that faculty members may ask students to complete. These videos and related online resources are available to all USD students and can be accessed at any time.

The You Succeed @ USD video series is a collaboration between the Center for Student Success, Center for Health and Wellness Promotion, and Kenny Eng. Topics currently covered by the video series include study strategies, time management, test preparation, overcoming setbacks, and tips for success. Click here to view the You Succeed @ USD video series

Expanding Empathy Update

As you are aware, we are currently in the process of providing our 740 student employees training on the Culture of Care + Empathy Expansion. Multidisciplinary studies regarding empathy note a common finding. The interpersonal empathy scores for college students declined between 1979 and 2008 (Twenge, 2013). In fact, Konrath, O’Brien and Hsing found a 40% decrease in college students’ capacity for empathy over the past four decades (2011). This aligns with the increase in the use of social media and resultant growth in narcissism seen in Generation Me. The National Institutes of Health noted 58% more college students scored higher on a narcissism scale in 2009 than in 1982. Interestingly, this narcissism crossed socioeconomic boundaries, from the very rich, to the poor. Social media via various forms of technology created false social relationships that replaced real societal relationships within community (Twenge, 2013). How then, do we encourage students’ ability to develop true, authentic relationships with others in their community? Our training is designed to do just that. It is important, however, that training and exposure to the concept of empathy not be a "one time" experience. As you may recall, we will be launching a Humans of USD campaign with our student staff in the next few weeks, as well a "take what they need" campaign. Watch for more on these in newsletters in the coming weeks. We have also developed two exercises for you to do with your staff members at a staff meeting. One is 15 minutes, and the other is 30 minutes. You can find the curriculum plan for both of these, as well as the accompanying materials here.

Shout Outs

Shout out to all of the Wellness staff who had meaningful conversations on transition and adjustment with our first-year students through 3rd Week Check-ins! -Stephanie Lynch

Shout out to Kenny and Sean for facilitating our first two Student Life Team Meetings and exploring #USDspaces! -Cynthia Avery

Shout out to Armando, Chou, and Gumarro for working extra hard during our custodial shortage in the Hahn UC/SLP. -Cynthia Avery

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