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Faculty/Staff Prayer Breakfast
Nov. 10, 7:15 – 8:25am
La Gran Terraza

Veterans Day Celebration
Nov. 11, 10am
Hahn UC Forum C

Administrator and Supervisor Forums
Nov. 18, 10-11:30am
KIPJ Theatre
Nov. 19, 2-3pm
KIPJ Theatre

Thanksgiving Diner
Nov. 18, 4:30-9:30pm
SLP Dining

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New American Workforce Informational
Nov. 5, 2:30pm
and 6pm
Hahn UC 128

Nov. 11, 12pm
Salomon Hall

CHR Fall Social
Nov. 13, 10am
MH 101

Supervisor Forums
Nov. 18, 10 - 11:30am
Nov. 19, 2 - 3pm
KIPJ Theatre

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Update on the Sexual Violence Student Training

As of the deadline, 88.4% of undergraduate students and 87% of graduate and law students completed the mandated online training. Due to technical difficulties, the deadline has been extended until 11:59PM on 11/11. Students who have not yet completed the training will receive an email informing them of this extension. If they complete the training prior to the revised deadline, the $250 non-compliance fee will not be charged to them. As a reminder, all employees must complete the training by December 1st.

Emergency Procedures Review

The Department of Public Safety is hosting several trainings on emergency preparedness in the event of an active shooter on campus. These hour-long trainings will be every Tuesday in November until November 24. Please contact Captain Kawahara with any questions.

Leadership Training

Do you know any students who want to save the world? Do your students have a passion for social justice and leadership or comics and super heroes? Empower your students to come learn how they can put their super powers to use at the Super Hero Leadership Training on November 17th and December 15th in Serra Hall 204! No experience necessary!

Humans of Student Affairs: Sarah O’Connor

For most of my life, I had been taught that public appearances were incredibly important; the outside population should not be informed of your problems at home. My family’s problem stemmed from my father’s mental illness, as he would often act out violently. What exactly is wrong with him is unclear to me, as I have heard a multitude of diagnoses from different doctors trying to rationalize his behaviors, ranging from ADHD, Multiple Personalities Disorders, Dissociative Disorder, late onset Paranoid Schizophrenia coupled with Depression, to Asperger’s. Because I grew up in this environment, despite school informational speakers and videos warning about domestic abuse, I had never realized what was happening, until one day it happened in public. When I was thirteen, my dad physically attacked my older sister in an Qdoba parking lot, and I, too afraid to call the police, instead leveraged my body against his truck to choke him out. While all this happened, people in the parking lot watched, but no one did anything. This event marked the end of my parents’ marriage.

Transitioning into high school was difficult; I feared the weight of a label. My own teacher once even said that abuse is a just fine line for swift discipline. When I was open with my peers, some reacted as if I was broken- tiptoeing around me as if I was fragile to discussion. Some of my friends’ parents refused to allow them to come over to my house, as if my family’s past trials would poorly influence their children. I know their reactions were not intentionally harmful, but it was an environment that did accelerate my personal acceptance of the circumstances.

Coming to USD, my experience has been totally different based upon the empathy displayed here. At USD, I am accepted for who I am and what I do, not by what happened to me. Granted that ignorance still exists everywhere, USD actively tries to teach its inhabitants that everyone should embody that attitude of respect and acceptance, and foster that community through individual participation. Growing into this environment, I want to do my best to contribute to that culture of care. Personally, my experiences taught me the dangers of the bystander effect, and I decided I would do everything I could do to take responsibility, and instead intervene where others displayed apathy; The University provided the opportunity to do such as a Resident Assistant and a student employee, along with other options like training with Rainbow Educators, Language Matters, etc. I try to embody active participation and acceptance all throughout campus, even in small things, like the language I use, or sitting down with someone who appears to be sitting alone. USD is a great place to feel welcome and accepted for all the things that I truly am and love to do, especially while I work on bettering myself through my education. Although my father has greatly impacted my life, I have learned to appreciate all the other positive aspects that have truly shaped me, such as my loving family, fascinating hobbies (I have some I promise), and selfless and endlessly supportive friends. I am no longer defined by my past even though I grew up in a household where domestic abuse took place. However, I do not identify as a victim of such, and USD is the first community to recognize me in totality, unconditionally.

Reflection Question – How do you exemplify empathy when your friends open up and vulnerably share their stories?

Military Appreciation Sale

This Veteran’s Day, the Torero Store will have a special sale for active military, ROTC and veteran’s enjoy! 20% off in-store! Just show a military ID at check-out.

Thank you for your service! Please help spread the word to ROTC, active military, and veterans.

Discount is not applicable on computers, electronics, or course materials, no other discounts apply.

Shout Outs

Shout out to Sarah Borger for leading the Student Affairs effort related to cataloging our sexual violence education and training efforts. -Erin Lovette-Colyer and Melissa Halter

Shout out to Alexis Dawson and Jessica Critchlow for cataloging all sexual violence prevention efforts organized by CHWP or other clinical wellness units. -Erin Lovette-Colyer and Melissa Halter

Shout out to all of our Student Affairs partners who supported this process and who are committed to supporting sexual violence prevention efforts. This is an on-going team effort! -Erin Lovette-Colyer and Melissa Halter

Shout out to the entire Residential Life staff and TPB for their great efforts in coordinating the "Halloween Happenings” on campus. It was excellent to see all the pictures of happy residents. -Dayanne Izmirian

Shout out to Kevin Melara and John Newhouse for their work with Margaret Leary and Pat Marino on the new Gigya platform, El Camino. I look forward to seeing how this work evolves and the impact it might have on the student experience. -Dayanne Izmirian

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