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Christmas Dinner
Dec. 7, 4:30pm
Pavilion Dining

Finals Feeding Frenzy
Dec. 13, 5:30pm
Degheri Alumni Center

President's Forum
Dec. 14, 12:15pm
Kroc IPJ Theatre

President's Christmas Party
Dec. 14, 1:30pm
Hahn UC Forums

Fireside Chat with President Harris
Dec. 15, 2-3:30pm
Torero Store firepits

Student Affairs Breakfast
Dec. 16, 8:30am
Hahn UC Forum C

Finals Begin
Dec. 14

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Mindfulness Wellness event
Dec. 8, 12-1pm
Salomon Hall

Christmas Door Decorating Contest
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Table of Contents
  • Student Employee Evaluations Due
  • Student Affairs Breakfast Photos, Mannequin Challenge, and Ugly Sweater Contest
  • End of the Semester Stress Management and Sleep Promotion
  • Colachis Plaza Construction Over Intersession
  • True Blue Treasure
  • Male Engagement and Healthy Masculinities
  • Relay for Life Fundraiser
  • Alternative Gift Fair
  • USD OA Shines at the AORE Conference in Minneapolis
  • Campus Climate in the Post Election Era
  • Using and Analyzing Data
  • Shout Outs
Student Employee Evaluations Due

Reminder: student employee evaluations for FWS students are due to the Student Employment Center on Friday, Dec. 2. For casual student employees, evaluations are due on Dec. 16.

Student Affairs Breakfast Photos and Ugly Sweater Contest

Please save the date for this year's Student Affairs Breakfast on December 16 in the Hahn UC Forum C! If you have any photos to share for the annual slideshow, please send those to Kenny Eng by December 9. If you are interested in filming a brief video for our mannequin challenge, contact Kenny Eng by December 2. Finally, we encourage everyone to wear an "ugly holiday sweater" to this year's breakfast! We will have prizes for those who are in the most festive holiday spirit!

End of Semester Stress Management and Sleep Promotion

With finals week fast approaching, it is time again to find those extra opportunities to remind students of the importance of self-care. Join us for "Sleep Week," a week dedicated to raising awareness of the critical role sleep plays in our overall well-being and academic success, December 5th- 9th. Getting adequate sleep is crucial to the physical, emotional, and mental well–being of our students and is a key tip for finals success. Materials will be available around campus featuring sleep tips, benefits, and facts.

In addition, students are encouraged to stop by the "De-Stress Stations" that will be available December 5th – 16th in Frank's Lounge, Copley Library, and the Center for Health and Wellness Promotion. Kinetic sand, Play-doh, coloring pages, chamomile tea, stress balls, and more will be set out to promote stress relief during this countdown to finals. Finally, all are invited once again to "take a paws" from the stress of finals with Therapy Dogs on Tuesday, December 13th, 12:00pm – 2:00pm in SLP Plaza Menor.

During this countdown to finals, please find opportunities to gently remind students about the importance of sleep and create conversations around sleep and stress management. Here are some conversation starters: 

  • You can simply ask, "How is your finals week going?" or, "How are you handling all of your classes?"
  • You can go on to ask, "Do you know of some ways to de-stress and manage your level of anxiety?" or, "Have you talked to a friend, professor, or counselor about feeling overwhelmed and stressed?" 
  • If you sense that a student is overwhelmed, appears exhausted or emotionally drained, or mentions feeling overwhelmed or helpless, these are signs that the student may need additional resources and support. Let them know that support is available and connect them to on-campus resources. 

USD Resources:

  • Counseling Center, Serra Hall 300, (619) 260-4655
  • Student Health Center, Maher Hall 140, (619) 260-4595
  • Center for Health and Wellness Promotion, University Center 161, (619) 260-4618
  • Center for Student Success, University Center 114, (619) 260-5995

Also, please note that the YouAreUSD website has additional information regarding sleep and stress management. 

Colachis Plaza Construction over Intersession

The Colachis Plaza work will begin in January, provided all permits are obtained by the city by that time. Our contractor is Rudolph & Sletten who have had great experience at USD, including working on the construction of the SLP. The goal is to have the vast majority of the demolition completed before students will return from the Intersession break. Residential Life is working on move-in/move-out plans since the parking spaces in front of Camino/Founders will no longer be available. Our project team will be working to ensure student accessibility to the buildings is maintained, and that students with visual and mobility impairments are kept abreast of the changes. 

We will not be able to cut across the plaza once the fencing is up (see the red outline), so plan a few extra minutes between meetings to go around the fence if you are moving from one side of the plaza to the other.

KTU+A, who have been involved with several site projects on this campus, along with the rest of the team have put a tremendous amount of thought from day one into this project in regards to making it a sustainable project in focusing on the need to decrease our dependency on water. As you have already noticed and pointed out the different shades of green showing the lighter green grass areas separated from the darker green showing the more drought tolerant areas learning gardens. This project is intended not only to be a place to relax and gather for students, staff and guests, but also a place to showcase and educate students and guests in what we are doing as a Changemaker Campus in laying out and labeling areas in what we are doing to help conserve our natural environment.
As this project develops, more information will be given on the amount of effort and coordination by both onsite staff as well as professional consulting input in what went into this new project layout and how it affects our environment.

Construction is slated to be completed by/in August 2017.

True Blue Treasure

Please consider participating in True Blue Treasure sponsored by the Parents Association. This drive benefits the Parent Partnership Fund which helps fund students who are experiencing financial difficulties at the end of their USD experience.

Male Engagement and Healthy Masculinities

Thanks to those who attended (or promoted) The Empathy Gap: Masculinity and the Courage to Change film screening and discussion last month. There was a strong turnout from across campus and great conversation, which included examining childhood messages about manhood, navigating peer pressure regarding gender norms, and the desire for opportunities for men to engage more authentically with one another. 

The Empathy Gap is now a part of USD’s library collection if you are interested in using as a catalyst for future conversations. Below is a copy of the resource card we handed out at the event, which can serve as a great reminder of the opportunities USD has for students to continue this dialogue.

For further ideas of engaging the topic of healthy masculinity, NJCASA posted a short blog post by Shawn Maxam (Princeton University) earlier this fall outlining different engagement approaches, with links to supplemental material at the end of the post.

Relay for Life Fundraiser

USD Relay for Life (RFL) is hosting a fundraising dinner on December 13 from 5-9pm at the Chipolte at 3860 Rosecrans. Join us to get some awesome food and to share 50% of the profits with our USD Relay effort.

If you have signed up your RFL team, be sure to save your receipt with your team name on it and turn it in to the RFL staff person at our table near the door (we'll be wearing a purple baseball cap). That way the percentage of your teams purchase that is donated back to RFL from Chipolte will go towards your teams fundraising goal (you get to hang out together, have a great meal and add to your teams fundraising all by coming to an event). You'll see it on your RFL dashboard as soon as the check is deposited!

If you haven't signed up a team for Relay as yet, please do so here.

Alternative Gift Fair

There will be two opportunities to do some holiday shopping this year on campus!  Crafts and hand-made items as well as direct-sale items will be sold by some of our own employees and student organizations! This fair will also have a number of sustainable and environmentally-friendly gift items.

December 7, 7-9pm
In front of the SLP 


December 8,
In front of the Torero Store

Stop by one of these days to check us out, and please help spread the word!

USD OA Shines at the AORE Conference in Minneapolis

USD Outdoor Adventures received the Program Excellence Award at the Outdoor Orientation Programs Symposium, a pre-conference to the Association of Outdoor Recreation and Education (AORE) annual conference. The award included a presentation given by Mark Ceder highlighting the key elements of Outdoor Adventures' outstanding pre-orientation program.

Angela Hessenius, a senior Outdoor Adventures guide and honors student, was recognized during the conference awards ceremony. Her essay about how Pre-Orientation Adventure helps students successfully transition to USD was selected by the research committee as the recipient of the Student Literary Award, which included a scholarship to the AORE conference as well as an invitation to present her paper at next year's AORE Conference.

Mark, Angela, and Marcus Carrigan, the Outdoor Adventures graduate assistant, co-presented a session on Outdoor Adventures' assessment efforts. They received a lot of positive feedback and are working on expanding this session into a pre-conference workshop about assessing outdoor programs at next year's AORE conference.

Let's congratulate OA for representing USD so well by sharing their outstanding work with the larger outdoor recreation community!

Campus Climate in the Post election era

Thank you to those who were able to attend the recent NASPA webinar titled “Campus Climate in the Post Election Era.” Below are some highlights our participants noted and related tweets at #SATakeSpace.

The Current Situation
The post-election era is not going to be a one-time event that gets addressed and we move on, it will be a series of complicated events that educators will need to be ready to understand and manage. We will be called to understand and manage both our own experience and those of our students. Our work is to do a lot of listening and create space for people to come together.

Supporting Harmed Students
Panelist acknowledged that resolving the issues and harm may not be our core work. Rather, our work is being in the space of reconciliation, hope, and disruption with students and recognizing that the presence of one does not negate the other.

Supporting Conservative Students
Our colleagues noted that we should not paint any community on campus with the broad brushstrokes of a stereotype. The challenge we can present to conservative students is that where they get painted with a broad brushstroke is when they are silent to oppression or sit on the sideline. Ask, what are you actively doing to challenge and show distinguishing behaviors that are not prejudicial or racist? What will your allyship look like beyond the election?

Diversity and Inclusion Education
Panelists discussed the challenge in diversity and inclusion education as moving past a focus on cultural competency and actually supporting students in changing the contours of the university and the structure of outside systems. We need new models of dialogue and can no longer separate out learning about social justice from civic engagement.

Student Affairs Leadership
Leadership in higher education must work to model a reflective way of absorbing the situation and support all students in converting their experience to activism in order to turn the post-election into a period of empowerment. We (student affairs) are the facilitators of community; let's lead from this space.

Using and Analyzying Data

In continuing with our digital literacy series, we would like to highlight the important uses of data within student affairs. Our ongoing push to incorporate Salesforce at USD, which can deliver useful analytics data regarding event attendance, email views, etc. is a prime example of why we should be aware of the digital impact and influence our campaigns are having. In a recent edition of Inside Higher Ed, several important points were made about the use and analysis of data:

  1. If [your department's] goal [for a campaign or event] is a little nebulous, like 'raise awareness' or 'increase engagement' then build a measurement plan that includes indicators of those outcomes.
  2. Knowing ‘how many [attended your event]’ in the absence of any additional context reveals nothing about sentiment, quality of an experience, or whether or not it’s the right kind of traffic.
  3. Digital and analog elements [such as a "social push" or "digital call to action"] must work together through every phase of a strategic initiative.

To read the full article, visit the InsideHigherEd website.

Shout Outs

Shout out to Barbara Bauermann for all of her excellent work to recruit, hire, train and support student desk staff in Residential Life. Your work is appreciated! -Chelsea Kott 

Shout out to Tierney Harrison, Ashley Barton, John Loggins, and Carrington Lemon for your collaboration and support with planning and facilitating the #BlackLivesMatter dialgue in the Vistas. I value your dedication and insight, and the students were very happy with the event! -Chelsea Kott

Shout out to Candace Torrey, Bernadette Smith, Tierney Harrison, Chelsea Kott, Terrence Shaw, Kevin Melara, Scott Thomas, Carrington Lemon, Amanda Puetz, Pat Marino, and Irene Bubnack for their contributions of time and talent in pulling together the many details that made the Residential Life Student Leaders Appreciation Celebration a true show of our appreciation to our students for their service to our community. -Dayeanne Izmirian

Shout out to Ben Ariannejad for receiving one of the CHR Employee Recognition Awards for Spring 2017. -Theresa Anderson

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Please send any news or events for the upcoming week to Kenny Eng

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