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Table of Contents
  • Loyal E. Horton Dining Awards
  • End of the Year Photos
  • Sustainability Hero Award
  • "Marvel Universe Live" Tickets
  • Internet Trends Report
  • Shout Outs
Loyal E. Horton Dining Awards

In College foodservice the ultimate professional tribute is a NACUS (the National Association of College & University Food Services) Loyal E.Horton Dining Award.

Named for a NACUFS Founder, past president and highly regarded innovator, the Loyal E. Horton Dining Awards celebrate exemplary menu, presentation, innovation, special event planning, and new dining concept, and provide an avenue for sharing ideas and creative presentation in campus dining services.

USD has won the Gold Award for best retail concept in the Loyal E.Horton Dining Awards contest for its entry of Aromas.

End of the Year Photos

Thanks for a great year! If you'd like to see some photos from the USD Community Picnic and the Student Affairs End of the Year Breakfast, click here.

Sustainability Hero Award

Greg Zackowski was recognized as a Sustainability Hero at the May 16th Sustainability Banquet for inspiring sustainability and "working to create change in our world." He donated his award money to "The Living Classroom", an experiential garden which will be utilized at USD's Manchester Family Child Development Center. Be on the lookout for Greg cycling through campus (with a burlap cape flying behind him) as he continues to promote sustainability at USD and beyond!

Marvel Universe Live Tickets

USD employees have been given a special discount to this year's "Marvel Universe Live: Age of Heros" showing at the Valley View Casino Center this summer! If you are interested in purchasing tickets, please call 866-248-8740 and choose option 3.

Tech. and Comm. Corner: Internet trends report

Inside Higher Ed, in collaboration with Mary Meeker, has compiled a list of internet trends that may be useful in understanding the mindset of today's technology culture. Here are some interesting facts from the list:

  • Americans spend 5.6 hours a day engaged on digital media with 3.1 hours on a mobile device
  • Subscription and streaming make up 52% of recorded music revenues, up from 0 percent in 2004
  • 10 billion packages sent this year via UPS, FedEx, USPS, etc.
  • Netflix has ~98 million paid global subscribers, while capturing almost a third of all home entertainment revenues in the US

For more information, click here.

If you have any questions about this data or how we can leverage it in Student Affairs, please contact Kenny Eng.

Shout Outs

Shout out to Mandy Womack, Jennifer Lee, Josh Coyne, DJ Mahoney, Madeline Kreig, Rama Sabano, Kalena Michalec, Novien Yarber, Jill D'Errico, Dan Morgan, Adan Sanchez, Dr. Mayté Perez-Franco, Amber Williams, Annie Guanciale, Cory Immele, and Kenny Eng for all of their collaboration and support with the Student Org Conference! -Manda Sayegh

Shout out to President Harris, Carmen Vazquez, Dr. Cynthia Avery, Mandy Womack, DJ Mahoney, Madeline Kreig, Rama Sabano, Aubrie Cook, Monica Schnapp, Adan Sanchez, Amber Williams, Dr. Mike Williams, Sarah Borger, and Austin Galy for being a part of the 2016-2017 Student Org. Awards Ceremony! -Manda Sayegh

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