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President for a Day
May 9

Fireside Chat with President Harris
May 9, 3-4pm
In front of the Torero Store

Lysistrata Peformance with CHR@USD
May 9, 7:30pm
Black Box Theatre
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Employee Giving Celebration
May 10, 4pm
Degheri Alumni Center

Last Day of Classes
May 15

Finals Feeding Frenzy
May 17, 5:30pm
Degheri Alumni Center Courtyard

Baccalaureate Mass
May 27, 4pm
Jenny Craig Pavilion

President's Forum
May 31, 12pm
Kroc IPJ Theatre

USD Community Picnic
May 31, 1-4pm
Valley Field

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Table of Contents
  • End of Semester Stress Management and Sleep Promotion
  • Doctoral Internship Accreditation
  • Fitbit Challenge
  • "Kight Hits the Right Notes at Mega Session" Article
  • Male Engagement and Healthy Masculinities
  • Tech. and Comm. Corner: Consumer Trends Report
  • Shout Outs
End of Semester Stress Management and Sleep Promotion

With finals week fast approaching, it is time again to find those extra opportunities to remind students of the importance of self-care. Join us for "Sleep Week" from May 8-12, a week dedicated to raising awareness of the critical role sleep plays in our overall well-being and academic success. Getting adequate sleep is crucial to the physical, emotional, and mental well–being of our students and is a key tip for finals success. Materials will be available around campus featuring sleep tips, benefits, and facts. 

In addition, students are encouraged to stop by the "Stress Less Stations" that will be available during Sleep Week in Frank's Lounge, Copley Library, and the Center for Health and Wellness Promotion. Kinetic sand, Play-doh, coloring pages, chamomile tea, stress balls, and more will be set out to promote stress relief during this countdown to finals. 

Finally, all are invited once again to "take a paws" from the stress of finals with Therapy Dogs on Friday, May 12, 12-2pm in SLP Plaza Menor.

During this countdown to finals, please find opportunities to gently remind students about the importance of sleep and create conversations around sleep and stress management. Here are some conversation starters: 

  • You can simply ask, "How is your finals week going?" or, "How are you handling all of your classes?"
  • You can go on to ask, "Do you know of some ways to de-stress and manage your level of anxiety?" or, "Have you talked to a friend, professor, or counselor about feeling overwhelmed and stressed?" 
  • If you sense that a student is overwhelmed, appears exhausted or emotionally drained, or mentions feeling overwhelmed or helpless, these are signs that the student may need additional resources and support. Let them know that support is available and connect them to on-campus resources. 

USD Resources:

  • Counseling Center, Serra Hall 300, (619) 260-4655
  • Student Health Center, Maher Hall 140, (619) 260-4595
  • Center for Health and Wellness Promotion, Hahn University Center 161, (619) 260-4618
  • Center for Student Success, Hahn University Center 114, (619) 260-5995

Also, please note that the YouAreUSD website has additional information regarding sleep and stress management. 

Doctoral Internship Accreditation

The Counseling Center recently received word that our Doctoral Internship in Health Service Psychology has been reaccredited by the American Psychological Association. Our internship program is a year-long, systematic training experience for advanced psychology doctoral students for whom this is the capstone training experience of their doctoral degrees. All interns have three or more years of supervised experience providing counseling prior to coming to USD. Our interns apply from graduate schools throughout the United States. We usually receive about 90-100 applications per year for three positions. Over the years, our psychology interns have provided thousands of hours of service to USD students, all under the supervision of our licensed staff. Our distinguished alumni include Drs. Melissa Halter, Chris Burden, and Mike Martinez!

We have been accredited by the American Psychological Association (APA) since 2002. APA is the national organization that provides oversight for graduate training in psychology. National accreditation allows us to recruit highly competitive candidates from across the country, who in turn diversify the perspectives, identities, and services the Counseling Center can offer the university community. The accreditation process requires us to complete a lengthy self-study comprised of several hundred pages of documentation, which is then reviewed by APA. After the self-study is reviewed, a detailed two-day site visit is conducted by two APA representatives, who present their findings to the APA Commission on Accreditation. Many of our valued colleagues at USD participated in the site visit process, and we thank them for their help.  Dr. Karen Lese-Fowler serves as Coordinator of Training for the Counseling Center, and the entire Counseling Center staff participate actively in it, as well as DLDRC staff. In particular, we are proud of the contributions of Drs. Justin Gibson, Lesley Graves, Sarah Gruszka, Jessica Hornbrook, and Steve Sprinkle, all of whom are instrumental in the success of the program. In addition, we thank Vice President Carmen Vazquez and Dr. Melissa Halter, who have been tremendous advocates for the resources needed to make our internship competitive.

Dr. Lese-Fowler was recruited to the Counseling Center to develop the internship program, and has nurtured the program since its inception.  Her contributions to the field of training psychologists have been recognized with two national awards, and she has held leadership positions in the national organization that is devoted to training psychologists.

Fitbit Challenge

Our first Fitbit competition, the Torero Cup Challenge, has begun!  The steps you take during this first competition will count toward Student Affairs' Torero Cup points at our annual Community Picnic.

To join the Torero Cup Challenge, go to the Challenges tab on your Fitbit dashboard and select the Torero Cup Challenge. If you purchased your Fitbit through the Being Well @ USD Fitbit program and identified your division during setup, all you have to do is join the Torero Cup Challenge. If you did not purchase your Fitbit through the Being Well @ USD program and want to join the Torero Cup Challenge, please send the email address linked to your Fitbit account to Michelle Rhode. You will receive an invitation to join the Being Well @ USD group, prompting you to identify your division. Once that is done, join the Torero Cup Challenge and start stepping.

Join a walking group and walk with your fellow Toreros to get those steps in. Daily walks meet Monday thru Friday in front of the Immaculata and begin when the church bells ring at 12:15-12:45pm. Check out the route Walking Map. For more information about our Fitbit program, please visit the HR website. Watch your email for more information about our Community Picnic.

"Kight Hits the Right Notes at Mega Sessions" Article

An exceprt from "Kight Hits the Right Notes at Mega Session" by Dan Angelo, originally published on on April 21, 2017.

“In that moment, I realized that for months and probably years, I was focused on the wrong things,” he said. “I was so focused on the notes that I forgot why I was actually playing the music in the first place. I forgot the notes were just a vehicle to accomplish something greater, to connect with people, and to make an impact.”

That led Kight back to his own college days at Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA, and how the college store was important to him. He recalled his first trip to campus and the shirt he purchased with pride.


“I share this with you because the people who walk into your store, whether they are students, visitors, parents, alumni, or whoever, they don’t care if you hit all the right notes,” Kight said. “The only thing they care about is this emotional journey they are on. That’s all they care about, so my question to you is how do you use these strategies, these notes to serve that higher purpose?

Read the full article here.

Male Engagement and Healthy Masculinities

PreventConnect (a project of CALCASA - the California Coalition Against Sexual Assault) is hosting a webinar on Wednesday, May 31 @ 11:00am on Healthy Masculinities: Mobilizing men and boys to foster positive gender norms. Registration is free and available by clicking on webinar title above.

Tech. and Comm. Corner: Consumer trends report

Every year, the analysts at the social media enterprise company Crimson Hexagon release a report on consumer trends based on a collection of social data that is aggregated by the company. By collecting public conversation data, Crimson Hexagon has found interesting insight into consumer behvaiors such as how people are trending toward more locally-based companies, rather than supporting larger corporations. Much more information about Health and Wellness discussions, entertainment consumption, and event transportation trends are explored in the full report found here.

If you have any questions about this data or how we can leverage it in Student Affairs, please contact Kenny Eng.

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