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November 2017

Student Employee Evaluations

Each semester student employees (both FWS and Casual) working in Student Affairs receive a performance evaluation. Performance evaluations are a great opportunity for students to self-assess how they are doing in their position and receive direct feedback from their supervisor. It provides them the opportunity to reflect on their position and the ways in which they support our campus community, particularly the ways in which they create our Culture of Care. Additionally, a performance appraisal is a chance to help prepare them for their careers after USD. Most employers conduct periodic evaluations to provide feedback and identify both strengths and growth areas for employees. Your feedback to students in this process is extremely valuable as it allows them to continue to grow and develop as professionals.

This semester the evaluation form will be completely online and should help to make the process more efficient for all involved. A special thanks to Kenny Eng and Chris Wrayl for working on this project.

Please use the following steps with each of your student employees.

  1. Send each of your student employees this link to the online form to complete. Provide them with the name and email address of the person who will be completing their evaluation form and individual meeting (if it is not you). They will enter this information in the form's "supervisor" field so it is routed correctly.
  2. Once the student completes their self-assessment, the supervisor will receive an automatic email and weblink to the form that will allow them to see the student's self-assessment and complete their own evaluation of the student's performance. Once completed, both the student and supervisor will receive a copy of the form.
  3. To complete the process, meet individually with the student to discuss the feedback. Once the individual meeting has occurred you can check the box at the end of the form and submit to indicate the process is complete.
  4. Save a PDF version of the form to send to the Student Employment Center.

The online form will allow the division to track completion of performance evaluations and use the aggregate data to understand our student employee experience and learning in their positions.

The Student Employment Center requires evaluations for FWS employees to be completed by Friday, December 1. Contact with questions about this deadline.

All undergraduate casual student worker evaluations are to be completed by Friday, December 15.

Thank you for taking this time to invest in the growth of our student employees. Please feel free to reach out to Sean Horrigan if you have any questions about the process.

Flu Shots

The flu season is here! As you may know, the flu can be spread easily from person to person. A yearly flu vaccination is the first and most important step in protecting against flu and its potentially serious complications. Protect yourself and those around you. Therefore, we are taking steps to prevent the spread of the flu at the University of San Diego for as long as possible but we need your help to accomplish this.  If you weren't able to take advantage of one of our flu clinics last month stop by the Student Health Center to receive your flu shot at no cost* to students.

Since it takes about two weeks after vaccination for the antibodies that protect against influenza virus infection to develop in the body, it is best that you get vaccinated now before the Thanksgiving Holiday to ensure yourself and others are protected from Influenza.  

Schedule your flu shot online or walk in anytime during Immunization Clinic hours.

For self-care tips and for ways to prevent the flu, visit the Student Health Center’s website.

Flu shots are available for faculty and staff for $20.

Thank you for taking the necessary steps to protect yourself and others from the flu!

UC/SLP Office Decoration Competition

Now that Thanksgiving has officially passed, we are happy to announce the return of the UC/SLP Office Decoration competition and the USD Door Decoration competition!

Sign-ups for the UC/SLP Office Decoration will begin on December 4 in SLP 301 with the judging taking place on December 14!

Sign-ups for the CHR@USD Annual Holiday Door Decoration Contest will begin on December 7 in MH 101 with the judging taking place on December 12!

Help the campus get into the holiday spirit by signing up for either or both of these fun and festive competitions. More information can be found below.

Desk DecoratingDesk Decorating Competition


USD Licensing Program

Did you know USD has a licensing program? General information about University of San Diego trademarks, campus licensing parameters, and how to properly produce and source officially licensed (logo'd) merchandise can be found online.

Custom, officially licensed, USD merchandise (gifts, apparel and much more) is now available via Zazzle! Shop today.

Women of Impact Awards

Congratulations to all of the amazing women who were recognized at the Women of Impact Award Ceremony on November 30! Thank you for all you do to inspire our community at USD!

Alessandra Cole Dr. Noelle Norton Miranda Maher
Aly Monteleone Emeline Polis Miranda Rappoldt
Amber Williams Emma Moran Pamela Gray
Andrea Calderon Gianna Metz Patricia De Saracho
Arlene Handy Grace McDonald Paulina King
Aubrie Cook Hannah Freeman Persephone “Perse” Lewis
Caitlin Teno Jessica Critchlow Pilar Malim
Candice Price Kalena Michalec Pitrina Gilger
Cecily Heisser Karen Kukta Rachel Christensen
Debby Romero Karen Kukta Rama Sabano
Deborah Sundmacher Karolina Rzadkowolska Riley Henning
Dr. Aarti Ivanic Kateri Theisen Samantha Smith
Dr. Amanda Moulder Katherine Hawkyard Sandee Gutierrez
Dr. Emilie Amrein Kelly Sloan Shannan Conlon
Dr. Evelyn Kirkley Kristina Darrough Shermee Randolph
Dr. Imane Khalil Laneé Battle Johnson Sophia Deyden
Dr. Jennifer Freeman Lauren Wong Soroya Rowley
Dr. Jennifer Zwolinski Lennie Macias Stephanie Kiesel
Dr. Judith Liu Lindsay Fitzpatrick Tess Nunn Eves
Dr. Kacy Hayes Mallory Banner Tessa Opperman
Dr. Kira Espiritu Maribel Orozco Tiana Kelly
Dr. Marcelle Maese-Cohen Maya Hood Toni Martinez
Dr. Melissa Halter Michelle Lewis
Dr. Michelle Camacho Michelle Zygowicz

Special thanks to everyone working behind the scenes to make this event possible!

CHR@USD Employee Recognition Award Fall 2017

Congratulations to Josh Coyne who has been recognized as one of the CHR@USD Employee Recognition Awards for Fall 2017! CHR@USD will be hosting a special luncheon in La Gran Terraza to recognize all of the awardees and their nominators, and present them with a special award.

Thank you for all you do!

Healthy Masculinities

On behalf of the Male Engagement Advisory Board, we are happy to announce that the Masculinities and Male Engagement Research Guide is live! The Masculinities and Male Engagement Research Guide is a central location to find resources related to male engagement and healthy masculinities. The resource is divided into multiple categories that link to digital articles, hard copy books, and video content. Please bookmark this guide for easy access when looking for resources. If you have suggestions for additional content or questions about any of the resources, please contact Amanda Luckett for assistance.

Tech. and Comm. Corner

Students are often our most valuable resource and in social media marketing and engagement is no different. However, Paul Redfern makes the argument that we cannot just hand the responsibility for maintaining these efforts over to the youngest staff members, no matter how comfortable they are with these platforms. Instead, Redfern asserts that we need to:

  1. Make social media everyone's responsibility
  2. Integrate it into your business processes
  3. Think about social with everything that you produce

While it may need one or a small group of executors to maintain aspects like tone, messaging, and voice, this approach may help organizations break out of their traditional silos by gathering input and feedback from every member of an organization, regardless of position.

If you have any questions about social media at USD, please contact Kenny Eng.


Shout-out to the entire Counseling Center staff for managing an extremely busy beginning of the semester. Galana Chookokingo, Ryan Dunkley, Karen Durst, Shannon Franklin, Sarah Gruszka, Ally Higdon, Tahirih Moffett, Steve Sprinkle, and Ashley Zapata have all worked so hard and made a difference for so many students. I have also appreciated the help we have received from Kathleen Grassetti, Karissa Matthews, Reilley Valenzona, and Annie Waring. Thanks to all of you! So grateful! -Karen Lese-Fowler

Shout-out to Luke LaCroix for being nominated and picked to serve on a panel at the ACUHO-I Academic Initiatives Conference in Atlanta, GA! Keep sharing your wisdom and making a HUGE impact at USD and in the profession! -STEP/UC CDs

Shout-out to Josh Haeffner and Brandon McCreary with the hard working project worker crew (Alvaro Martinez, Geaorge Delisle, Ernesto Truqui, Desmond Jones, Dale Allen, and Sam Kassman) in completing 1317 work orders thus far (10.31.17) since August 21. -Luke LaCroix 

Shout-out to Luke LaCroix for being a featured speaker at the recent ACUHO-I Living Learning Programs conference, where he was asked to speak about his work at USD with sophomores. -Daye Izmirian

Shout-out to Amanda Taylor for taking the lead on USD's first ever "Out of State Student Bash", and to all the FYE CDs and Out of State student ambassadors for their attendance and assistance. Thanks also to Merrill Marker and her team for providing excellent regional food. I look forward to this becoming an annual event! -Daye Izmirian

Shout-out to Brandon McCreary and Luke LaCroix for recently facilitating a restorative justice conference involving students, student staff, and Public Safety. Their efforts in bringing responsible parties, impacted students and officers, as well as community members together to reflect on harms and to identify how all involved could experience closure was a great service to our USD community. Brandon and Luke diligently managed many schedules in order to bring folks together in a meaningful way. Their commitment to student learning and community restoration is greatly appreciated! -Tyler Crisman

Want to recognize a colleague for their great work or general awesomeness? Submit a Shout-Out to Kenny Eng for the next Student Affairs Newsletter.

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